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86% Users prefer Apps for business. We help you build your business!

What we do

Log User Locations

Capture app user locations, and define app behavior based on user proximity.

Prepare your real time data into dashboards with charts and more.

What we do

We develop desktop and mobile applications with powerful features.

Report Generation

Generate, save and send customized data in form of reports to your users.

Device Compatibility

Application is built to be compatible with desktop and on mobile devices.

Send Notifications

Send text messages and push notifications to recipients based on users' activity.

Platform Integration

Move data and send updates to your application by integrating with 3rd party platforms.

Custom Email Delivery

Send your data, reports and updates into emails including  file attachments.

Logic and security can be applied for ensuring relevant data display.


Controlled App Behavior

Why happianz
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Why happianz?

Anytime Anywhere App.

Fast Native Apps

We align with your business goals and take complete control of quick delivery

Your Success is Our Success

We will help you to promote mobile apps so that you can grow your business.

App Store Submission

We help you publish your App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store without any trouble.

Free Trial

You can try our free demo to visualize how your business looks.

Our Servie

Our Service

We help your business to a digital transformation. We extend our service to different industries

Automobiles & Manufacturing

Industry involves lot of process and reinvention. Industrial leaders are determined for best course of action. We automate entire process and update to a digital platform. Reporting, tracking, incidents and accidents identification, inventory management, reviews and inspections can be applied through this transformation.

Energy & Utilities

Drive efficiency for your most complex and critical operations processes, leading to unmatched productivity and cost savings. Maximize your digital potential from upstream production and oil refining to utilities and energy services. Achieve your business goals with efficient and effective solutions.


Delight your customers' growing expectations and provide a connected insurance experience. Betterment in care coordination, care delivery, and patient outcomes. Reduce your risk and improve your quality, to provide the best care to all patients and members. We support effective management and retain the best healthcare talent.

Supply Chain

Build your unique applications for your supply chain by optimizing critical business processes and improving the operational facility. With integration of emerging technology, we help you improve your business with increased production and satisfaction.

Retail & Ecommerce

We support retail and ecommerce projects. From big enterprise to local retailers, we help in boosting your productivity. By ensuring security and strong governance we promote your business and support all the aspect of store's inventory management.

Financial Services

Manage the operational risk and deliver exceptional customer service. Grow with rapid pace of change in financial services, achieve significant cost savings and a competitive advantage, and have more satisfied customers.


Deliver an intelligent, connected insurance experience to win multi-generational customers. Streamline your current operations, integrate with new technologies and we differentiate you from the competitors.


Enable better customer service with quick delivery solutions. We automate your critical processes and provide a digital transformation which helps you improve asset management, and ensure efficient operations.


Automate a flexible system where all business and academic processes and forms are connected with staff, academics and students. We help the institutions leverage a digital transform to make the experience and learning better for students and staffs.


Extend your legacy systems with accelerating technology. Never miss a deadline with proactive management of funding, spending, contract dates, and other activities. We help you for the future of Digital Government Transformation.

Real Estate

Facilitate and manage your field staff workers and managers consistently. Save your time spent on paperwork. Run reports, capture data, manage inspections, track projects and stay connected with your investors and property owners.


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